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ये है हमरी कहानी

Our best in class team is comprised of highly acclaimed entrepreneurs and seasoned advisors. Expertise encompasses decades of domain knowledge in building and representing the best brands in the luxury, travel, property, hospitality and technology arenas. Brands include; LVMH, Virtuoso, Prada, Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces, Four Seasons, Fairmont, Travelocity, British Airways, Abode2, The Mayfair and Coutts to name a few. Our Members enjoy a first-class personalised service with the highest standards in the industry.

Rupa Shinh
Founder & CEO

Rupa Shinh is a well respected, successful, multi award-nominated / winning Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor, Founder & CEO for over 15 years. With specific expertise in PropTech, TravelTech, Blockchain, AI and luxury/Architectural/Designer Real Estate arenas, she has founded and successfully created trailblazing, pioneering companies, that have disrupted the status quo in traditional industries and positively impacted thousands of lives around the world. She is the visionary, Founder & CEO of LiveInMyWorld – a cutting edge property and travel technology company that has completely revolutionized the peer-to-peer luxury property travel arena. Highly commended and prestigious nominations, acknowledgements and accolades include:

Alice P. Neuhauser

Highly experienced CFO, COO & Entrepreneur with outstanding experience in entertainment, property, financial & operational arenas.

Douglas Rogers

Seasoned & highly reputable veteran in Technology Investment Banking with operating experience as an Entrepreneur and CFO.

Consultant and specialist in luxury properties, land acquisitions, interior design & advisor to ultra-high net worth individuals.


Robert Fenner, Partner at Taylor Wessing

Award winning top ranked legal 500 international law firm. Advised more than half of the worlds top 100 brands in property, luxury & consumer products.

Wesley Rashid, The Accountancy Cloud

Ex-Grant Thornton, Finance Director for Diageo’s technology ventures team, mentor for Start-up Direct with cross border UK-US experience.


Silicon Valley Bank

For more than 35 years, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has helped innovative companies and their investors move bold ideas forward, fast.

“We are truly proud to have curated a distinguished collection of the World’s most exclusive Designer properties. LiveInMyWorld’s elite creative members and their iconic Designer homes have been featured in Vogue, The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes, Conde Nast, Elle, Forbes, Architectural Digest, World Of Interiors, Channel 4, New York Times, LA Times, Times Of India, BAFTA to name a few, and are located in breathtaking destinations around the world. Our Club is highly endorsed by world-class architect and interior design firms, Hollywood veterans and celebrities.”

Game Changing Alternative

LiveInMyWorld is a game changing alternative to online rental platforms and redefines the rules of travel.

Our Club has enabled all of our members to gain a different kind of value out of their residence when unused and empty – the ability to leverage their residence to travel to spectacular destinations around the world.

Geographic Liquidity & Saving Thousands

With our cutting edge technology, stringent security, vetting protocols and exceptional user experience, our members have gained a safe way to expand the use of their residence (s) and have obtained ‘geographic liquidity,’ by leveraging unused time in their property to stay at other Members’ stylish homes all over the world at no cost. This in turn has saved our members thousands in luxury vacation accommodation.

Like-Minded Members & True Hospitality

Other fundamentals that make LiveInMyWorld truly unique, is our invitation, members-only approach for like-minded creative individuals. In addition, the powerful ethos of the famous ancient Indian Hospitality mantra ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ (which means ‘Guest is Divine’), is instilled in the hearts of all our members. Experiencing this epitome of hospitality within the Club has been a true winner.

“Our discerning members come to us for assurance, privacy, authenticity and something unique. Each extraordinary home holds personal touches which reflect the personality and magical stories of the owners. Ultimately, the feeling we all desire is of unforgettable experiences, lasting memories, the epitome of hospitality and meaningful connections; connections to like-minded people, to nature, to soul-stirring design and our greatest self. LiveInMyWorld is a true testament of this and our technology has enabled our members to enjoy a truly seamless and exceptional user experience. It is the cultivation of the above elements which has formed the defining characteristics and foundations of LiveInMyWorld – a superior home exchange Club which has fast become the norm for a distinguished community of only the most exceptional Creative Professionals, Influencers and Design tastemakers across India, Dubai, UK, USA and Worldwide.”

– Rupa Shinh

The Mission

We are revolutionizing the luxury experiential, wellness and business travel arena with cutting edge technologies to facilitate premier home exchange. We encourage our Members to seek out the extraordinary and share the world they have created with other elite like-minded Members to diversify their lives, live new cultures, make the unfamiliar home and inspire lasting memories… to ultimately live more than one lifetime.


We will also be partnering with a growing list of leading international charities. LiveInMyWorld will address today’s most dire issues in global health, education, and women’s rights in developing countries.


"Such a magical trip! Thrilled to have exchanged my beautiful beach villa in Goa with Arjun's spectacularly breathtaking home in Rajasthan - a complete oasis of grandeur, serenity and luxury. Arjun's home truly represented his incredible creativity and passion for architecture. I will be forever thankful for the splendid hospitality, courtesy and new friendship. Thank you to LiveInMyWorld for making this happen!"

Tess - Illustrator, India & UK

"LiveInMyWorld is a real gem of a find! I am totally addicted to not paying large rental fees not to mention the extraordinary places to enjoy by simply exchanging my artistic vacation home in Greece. What I love about this community is that there is a great level of care when staying at each other's properties, a passion for design and making life long connections - truly amazing!"


"I had an impeccable experience - LiveInMyWorld made my first time home exchange very easy! Shivani's apartment in Mumbai was exceptionally sleek, modern and made a perfect base for both relaxation and business."

Kay - Photographer, UK

"Being a family of 5, we saved thousands on our summer travel accommodation by exchanging our family home in Delhi with Andrew's family home in The Cotswolds, UK. It was beautifully eclectic, spacious and a perfect location for amenities and kids activities! Thanks Andy for such a wonderful experience!"

Serena - Creative Director, India

"As an Interior Designer, I feel like Aladdin having discovered a treasure trove of gorgeous and stylish homes to experience and all at no cost which is fabulous!"

RIA - Interior Designer, USA
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