Your Questions Answered.

Home exchange is a non-rental offering where two parties agree to exchange homes without cost for a specific length of time. Home exchanges can be simultaneous or non-simultaneous.

All homes curated by LiveInMyWorld have been built and designed as the result of careful thought and consideration by a particular architect or Interior designer. Designer homes are completely customised down to the finest detail with aspects and aspirations in mind for the liveability and lifestyle of the owner and their guests.

Security and aesthetics are critical to our exclusive community.

The Private-Members only approach protects our members against anonymous registrants, ensures the highest calibre of homes, and creates a distinguished trusted community of like-minded members.

Those invited by existing Members or by the LiveInMyWorld’s Founders will receive priority application review. To apply for membership, please click here.

Please visit our Privileges page for more information.

Creative professionals and those with an appreciation for design aesthetics are a vibrant community that enjoy showcasing and sharing their one-of-a-kind creativity and interests to each other. This makes LiveInMyWorld the perfect platform for this community to indulge in stylish homes around the world with like-minded members. You are still welcome to apply if you are not a creative professional and simply have an appreciation for beautiful style and aesthetics.

Conventional home exchange websites are restrictive and have their challenges when trying to match available dates and locations with other Members. LiveInMyWorld is better in the following ways:

  1. There is no need to match dates and locations with other Members when organizing accommodation as this is not a swap or direct exchange model.
  2. Bookings are made instantly in real-time without having to send speculative requests waiting for responses.
  3. We are an Exclusive Private Members Only Destination Club and our first priority is safety and security which go way beyond standard. All of our Members and their properties undergo an ID verification and approval process before acceptance into our Club and adhere to a code of etiquette and conduct to ensure behavioural expectations are met and Members respect each other’s homes. With our Members-only approach, our community is like-minded, trusted and verified which sets us apart.
  4. We are very selective – only the finest properties are showcased, located in magnificent destinations in exclusive destinations and meet our exacting standards. Our Members properties reflect an exquisite sense of design and style that represent luxurious “home-away-from-home” experiences inside and out. Club Members appreciate the prestige of being part of such a distinguished collection.
  5. All terms and conditions and behavioural expectations for the community are established by LiveInMyWorld, so there is no need to create agreements between parties as it is already done.
  6. We allow for all our Members to either make their entire property available or part of their property known as a hospitality stay when they are present.
  7. We welcome requests to join our Club from luxury primary and secondary homeowners and those who rent high-end homes.
  8. Members will also have the opportunity to book stays at properties from World class Residence Clubs, Luxury Developers and Exclusive Brokers within our Club.

To learn more about how it works, please visit our How It Works page.

We go through a comprehensive multi-point check system to verify members ID, their professions and their property. When we evaluate a home for acceptance into our Club, we first look for outstanding design, quality furnishings, appointments and amenities all paired with a desirable location to meet our exacting standards.

There is an initial one-off joining fee for membership of £2000 / $2500 to become a member of The Club although LiveInMyWorld may at times waive the joining fee for early honorary Members and affiliated partners.

Once approved as a Member, The LiveInMyWorld Experience annual membership is £180 / $230 which contributes to maintaining the highest standards in the Club, further technological developments within the platform, facilitating exchanges between Members and keeping the platform free of advertising.

Throughout your Membership, we will be devoted to your contentment, looking for opportunities to enhance your experience every time you use the service. Our platform is tailored and personalised to you so that every recommendation is of the highest quality.

Please click here to apply for an invitation, and we will review your application.

Members can list as many properties as they wish under a single membership account without any additional fees per home.

Hospitality stays are where private rooms are offered by Members whilst they are present in their home.

1. Save tens of thousands compared to rental and hotel rates
2. Enjoy the comforts of home away from home with more space and amenities
3. Be part of a trusted, like-minded community and establish new friendships worldwide
4. Discover authentic experiences and cultural exchange, living life as a local, not a tourist

Timeshares are the arrangement whereby several joint owners have the right to use a property as a holiday home under a time-sharing scheme typically purchased for a week or two.

The LiveInMyWorld Club consists of luxury creative homeowners and high-end renters who have full command of their properties. We will also provide Members with access to properties from World Class Residency Clubs, Luxury Developers and Exclusive Brokers.

Yes – it’s just like inviting a guest to stay where there is no monetary exchange. Therefore, it is perfectly legal for tenants to offer their rental for home exchange purposes.

As a tenant, it is your responsibility to verify the terms of your rental contract and to determine if you must notify your landlord prior to inviting other LiveInMyWorld members into your home. If you are unsure, the best option is to notify your landlord prior to exchanging. LiveInMyWorld cannot be held responsible if you invite members into your home against the provisions of your rental contract.

Please check with your insurance company that you are covered while your home is occupied by your guests. There are a number of companies we can recommend if required.

LiveInMyWorld is primarily a home exchange platform, which allows our members to enjoy authentic connections that are not based on a transactional or commercial outcome. However, at our discretion, properties can be also be listed for rental purposes.

Yes absolutely – Members are not required to match dates and locations.

The duration of the stay is pre-agreed between members, and we do not set any time limits on the length of stay.

Yes, all Members are welcome to exchange as many times as they wish.

No. The Host Member is responsible for ensuring the property is clean before your arrival and after you leave. All Guest Members are required to leave the property reasonably clean and treat the property as if it were their own.

We believe the LiveInMyWorld calibre of Members means that Members will respect each other’s homes and items. However, for good measure, it is always best practice to lock away valuables.

All terms, conditions and behavioural expectations for the community are established by LiveInMyWorld, so there is no need to create agreements between parties as it is already done. Although, we can provide a straightforward PDF agreement which entails specific key details of the exchange to complete in order to prevent any misunderstandings.

Members contact each other via the LiveInMyWorld internal secure messaging system. An email notification will also be sent to your own email address when you receive a new message. We advise Members to connect with one another on the telephone or Skype after making contact through our messaging system to further discuss details of the stay.

We will not share or display your contact details with any other members at any time.

Members often exchange cars to save on car hire costs and taxis, although we advise to always check your insurance policy.

Yes, you are free to change your home’s availability providing those dates have not already been secured by other Members.

If the host suddenly has to cancel for unavoidable reasons, we will take action on your behalf to find alternative accommodation and/or receive a full refund of your Points if the home was secured using the Points system.

There is no minimum requirement per year.

Yes, absolutely subject to our property approval process. If you wish to transfer your home’s availability to your new property, this can be done too and your Points account adjusted accordingly.

Yes, however, once you have stated your available weeks and they have been secured by a LiveInMyWorld Member for exchange purposes, those dates cannot be used for renting out your home on other platforms.

Please click here and we will review your application.