A SEAMLESS Experience.

Your New Way To Explore The World

यात्रा करना जीने के लिए है

The memories made from one-of-a-kind travel experiences are something that money cannot buy.

With our cutting edge technology, features and exceptional user experience, our platform provides Members with a desirable, safe and trustworthy way to expand the use of their residences. Members gain the privilege of ‘geographic liquidity,’ by leveraging unused time in their primary or secondary homes to travel to other Members stylish homes in the Club without using money.

* The Points feature will be launched at a later date. Members can reserve each others homes securely by direct messaging through the platform.

Apply For Membership

Applicants apply for Membership and if successful, will then undergo an ID verification and property approval process before official acceptance into the Club after which The LiveInMyWorld Experience annual membership fee will be applicable. We select only the finest properties that exude style and creativity which adhere to a rigorous set of standards to be part of our exclusive collection in highly sought-after destinations. If you are not a homeowner and are currently renting a luxury property, you are still welcome to benefit from membership and host others in your current residence, as this is no different to inviting a guest to stay.


Search or Browse Our Collection Of Homes

Our technology allows search results to be fully tailored and personalized to the Members preferences so that every recommendation is of the highest quality. Additionally, Members are not required to match dates and locations with other members and can secure homes for a direct, or non-simultaneous exchange, which can be confirmed in advance or at the last minute.

Finalize Your Stay Without Using Money

Members can instantly secure stays at other Member properties in the Club without using money, either via our secure internal messaging system and/or our optional Points Feature which will be launched at a later date. Members will be able to earn Points by hosting other Members in their homes, and can then trade those earned Points to stay at other Members properties. In addition to home exchanges where an entire home is available, private room stays (known as ‘hospitality stays’) are also offered by Members whilst they are present in their home.


Throughout your Membership, we will be devoted to your contentment, looking for opportunities to enhance your experience every time you use the service. Our platform is tailored and personalised to you so that every recommendation is of the highest quality. We ensure our Members’ needs and expectations are always satisfied, if not surpassed.

Joining Fee

£2000 / $2500

Waived for early honorary members.


Honorary Members will receive complimentary Points which will be launched at a later date + additional Points for each referred approved new member.

Annual Membership

£180 / $230

Waived for early honorary members.

Access to our distinguished global community and their beautiful homes through The LiveInMyWorld Experience Annual Membership, with additional exclusive member privileges.

Frequently Asked Questions